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Importing an Existing Seed Phrase into your Saga phone
Importing an Existing Seed Phrase into your Saga phone
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This guide details the process of importing an existing seed phrase from another wallet into the secure Seed Vault feature within the Saga mobile device and connecting it to your Solflare mobile app.

Before You Begin:

  • Ensure you have access to the correct 12 or 24-word seed phrase from your existing wallet. Never share your seed phrase with anyone as it grants full access to your cryptocurrency holdings.

  • Have the Solflare mobile app downloaded and installed on your device.

Importing Seed Phrase into Saga Seed Vault:

  1. Access Seed Vault:

    • Open the Saga device and navigate to Settings.

    • Within Settings, locate and select Seed Vault.

  2. Add New Seed Phrase:

    • Tap the "+ Add a new seed phrase" button.

    • Choose "Import from a wallet".

  3. Enter Seed Phrase (Secure Screen):

    • Important: Due to Saga's security protocols, the next screen where you enter your seed phrase cannot be captured in a screenshot. Here's what to expect:

      • A secure screen will appear, prompting you to enter your existing wallet's seed phrase.

  4. Set Passcode and Nickname:

    • After entering your seed phrase, follow the prompts to:

      • Create a strong passcode to secure this specific seed phrase within your Saga Seed Vault.

      • Set a descriptive nickname to easily identify this seed phrase import.

Connecting Seed Vault to Solflare Mobile App:

  1. Open Solflare Mobile App:

    • Launch the Solflare mobile app on your Saga device.

  2. Access Account Selection:

    • Tap the three-line hamburger menu located in the top left corner of the Solflare interface. This opens the "Select Account" page.

  3. Add Imported Seed:

    • Click the "+" button on the "Select Account" page.

    • Follow the on-screen instructions within Solflare to authorize the newly imported seed phrase from your Saga Seed Vault.

  4. Success!

    • Once the authorization process is complete, your imported seed phrase will be accessible within your Solflare mobile app's account list. You can now manage the associated crypto assets directly through Solflare.

Congratulations! You've successfully imported your existing seed phrase into the secure Saga Seed Vault and connected it to your Solflare mobile app.

Important Reminders:

  • Safeguard Your Seed Phrase: Never disclose your seed phrase to anyone as it grants complete control over your cryptocurrency assets.

  • Backup Your Seed Phrase: Always have a secure backup of your seed phrase stored in a safe location, ideally offline.

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