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Onramper - fiat to crypto payment provider issues
Onramper - fiat to crypto payment provider issues
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In order to buy some SOL and start your journey with Solflare please click on the BUY button and use our partner Onramper to buy SOL with your debit or credit card.

However, you might encounter situations where the "Buy" feature isn't available or requires alternative solutions. This guide explains the reasons behind these limitations and provides alternative methods for acquiring SOL.

Understanding Limitations of Solflare's Buy Feature

1. Third-Party Vendor Transactions:

  • Solflare integrates with third-party crypto vendors to facilitate buying SOL directly within the wallet. However, Solflare's support for these transactions is limited until the SOL reaches your Solflare address.

  • Troubleshooting Tips:

    • If your SOL purchase via a third-party vendor seems to be delayed, contacting their customer support is recommended. Invoice or bill emails often include a support link for your convenience.

    • For general inquiries on third-party vendor transactions, you can refer to this helpful resource:

2. Geo-Blocked Buy Option:

  • In certain regions, including the UK, purchasing SOL directly through Solflare might be restricted due to geographical limitations (geo-blocking).

  • Alternative Solutions:

    • Purchase SOL from a centralized cryptocurrency exchange and transfer it to your Solflare wallet. This method offers greater flexibility but might involve additional fees depending on the exchange.

    • Consider using a fiat-to-crypto platform like Moonpay ( to purchase SOL directly with your credit or debit card.

    Important Note: Using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to bypass geo-blocking is not recommended by Solflare. VPN usage might violate the terms of service of Solflare or third-party vendors, potentially leading to account restrictions.

3. App Store Restrictions:

  • Due to App Store policies, the "Buy" feature may temporarily be unavailable within the Solflare mobile app.

  • Solution:

    • The "Buy" functionality remains accessible through the Solflare browser extension. Download and install the extension from the official website:

PLEASE REMEMBER: Solflare and Onramper are partners but two distinct companies so for any payment service-related issues you can contact the specific provider customer support from this list:

The Solflare Customer Support is not able to assist you on this types of issues and you will be redirected to the link above.

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