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Restart Metamask SNAP Connection
Restart Metamask SNAP Connection

How-To-Guide on restarting Solflare x Metamask SNAP connection

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In order to restart the Solflare x Metamask SNAP wallet connection, please follow the instructions below.
​Step 1:
Open your Metamask extension and click the 'globe' icon in the top right

Step 2:

Click the '3 dots' to the right of Solana Wallet

Step 3:

Select Disconnect

Step 4:

Open your Solflare SNAP wallet by going to in your browser. Then go to Settings in the top right corner

Step 5:

Select Security & Privacy

Step 6:

Select Log Out

Step 7:

Go to in your web browser and select Access Wallet top right of the screen

Step 8:

Select the Metamask option

Step 9:

Select Connect Metamask

Step 10:

Follow the prompts and then click Continue

Step 11:

Once the wallet setup is complete, click Enter Solana

That's it! You should now be reconnected to your Solflare x Metamask SNAP wallet.

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