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Solflare - Unwrapping wSOL (Unwrap Wrapped SOL) [MOBILE & DESKTOP GUIDE]
Solflare - Unwrapping wSOL (Unwrap Wrapped SOL) [MOBILE & DESKTOP GUIDE]
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Sometimes using different dAPPs (swapping, yield farming, or providing liquidity) may result in users ending up with wSOL in their wallet due to an unsuccessful transaction or other issues.


You can unwrap wSOL (Wrapped SOL) Directly on by clicking the UNWRAP button here on the Portfolio tab:


  • You can unwrap wSOL (Wrapped SOL) directly from the main Portfolio tab on the Solflare browser extension by clicking the three vertical dots and selecting UNWRAP.


Option #1 (Mobile):

To unwrap wSOL (Wrapped SOL) on mobile the fastest way is to visit and use the Raydiums unwrapping tool.

  • In case you need a guide on how to connect your Solflare mobile app to dApps you can find one on this link.

Option #2 (Mobile):

Another option is to connect to and UNWRAP

Note: wSOL cannot be used to pay transaction fees, so make sure you have at least a balance of 0.1 SOL in your wallet at all times.

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