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How to receive NFTs on your Solflare wallet (Desktop)
How to receive NFTs on your Solflare wallet (Desktop)
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This guide will provide step-by-step instructions to receive Solana (SPL) NFTs directly to your Solflare wallet.

1. Access your Solflare wallet.

2. On the top panel click the account switcher right of “Settings”.


3. Make sure you select the desired account where you would like to receive your NFT.

4. Next, click “Collectibles” at the top, to bring you to the NFT section of your Solflare wallet.


5. You can view all your NFT collectibles in your Solflare wallet. Click “Receive” on the right-hand side. This will then display your Solflare Solana (SPL) deposit address.


6. Lastly, click “Copy Address”. This is the Solflare Solana deposit address you’ll need to provide to receive any Solana (SPL) NFTs to your wallet.


Congratulations, you are now ready to receive Solana NFTs to your Solflare wallet!

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