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How to Import a Wallet using a Private Key on Solflare (Desktop)
How to Import a Wallet using a Private Key on Solflare (Desktop)
How to Import your Solana wallet into Solflare using a private key
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Many of the users of the previous version of Solflare used a Private Key (aka Raw Key) to access their wallets. We have since transferred over to a Mnemonic phrase for technical reasons but you can still access your assets by importing your Private Key into your Solflare Wallet. Sometimes, you just need to relocate where your tokens are. This guide will show you how to do just that.

We will use Phantom’s interface as an example but the process is the exact same for Slope or any other wallet that provides you access to the private key.

For clarity’s sake, the private key is not the mnemonic / recovery phrase. Your mnemonic unlocks the private key that then gives you access to your capital. Usually, you will not need to utilize the private key but some wallets will give you access to it.

If a wallet does not give you access to your private key, as is the case with Sollet, you can simply input your mnemonic phrase into Solflare’s wallet access page and you should be good to go.

This guide assumes you have made a new Solflare wallet with either a recovery phrase or a Ledger hardware device.

If you didn't you could follow these guides:

Note: you can skip steps 1 - 3 and start from Step 4 if you already have the Private Key exported or saved on a drive.

Step 1

  • Open your Phantom wallet extension and click the settings button on the bottom right.

Step 2

  • Scroll down to the bottom and click Export Private Key.

  • You’ll be prompted to input that password and once you have done so, click Next.

  • This password is the one you generated, not your mnemonic / recovery phrase.

Step 3

  • After inputting your password, you’ll see your private key on the screen.

  • This key will be imported into the Solflare wallet next so it is important to have this copied down in a safe place.

Step 4

  • Access a Solflare wallet of yours from the desktop app and click your account icon in the top right corner.

Step 5 (three parts)

  • Click Import A New Wallet.

  • Click More Options.

  • Click Import Private Key.

Step 6 (two parts)

  • Type in what name you want the account to be called.

  • Paste your Private Key into the "private key" field.

    Notes: If you were using Old Solflare, you'll have a file name "solflare-raw-key-SOLADDRESS.json". This file can be opened in any text editor like Notepad, Wordpad, etc.

    Example raw key file name: solflare-raw-key-5TYzZwaco9hwcwVNKkfsitbVVvKSLUw8P4ZFcL7CouiG.json

    Inside the Solflare-Raw-Key File the Private Key will look something like this: [242,43,84,92,875,865,.....643,74,32,36,743,746]

You're all Set

You'll be taken to the dashboard of the wallet associated with your Private Key

When you click on your account icon again in the top right corner, you'll see that you can easily navigate between your new Solflare wallet and the one you just imported with the Private Key.

Please be aware: If you lose either your Private Key or Raw-Key File, there is, unfortunately, no way to access the associated wallet.

Note: You'll need to repeat this process if you are ever logged out or are logging in on a new computer.

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