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I'm having trouble delegating or undelegating my staked SOL on Solflare
I'm having trouble delegating or undelegating my staked SOL on Solflare
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This guide addresses potential challenges you might encounter while attempting to undelegate your staked Solana (SOL) on Solflare. It provides troubleshooting tips and clarifies common misconceptions about the undelegation process.

Understanding Staking Epochs:

The Solana blockchain operates on a concept called epochs, which are essentially fixed time periods. The undelegation process on Solflare follows a two-epoch timeline:

  • Epoch n: When you initiate undelegation, your staked SOL gets locked for one epoch. During this time, you will continue to earn staking rewards.

  • Epoch n+1: After the first epoch of locking, your staked SOL becomes unlocked at the end of the second epoch. This is when you regain full control and can withdraw your SOL from the staking account.

Troubleshooting Tips:

  1. Verify Epoch Completion:

    • Ensure your staked SOL has completed the two-epoch undelegation process. You can't access your SOL until the unlocking epoch arrives.

    • Utilize a Solana blockchain explorer ( to check the current epoch duration and estimate the remaining time until your SOL unlocks.

  2. Check Transaction Fee Balance:

    • Undelegation incurs transaction fees. Before initiating undelegation, confirm that you have sufficient SOL in your main account (not the staking account) to cover these fees.

    • To avoid encountering insufficient balance issues, consider maintaining a minimum of 0.1 SOL in your main account to handle transaction fees.

  3. Manually Withdrawing Unstaked SOL:

    • Once the undelegation period is complete, your SOL doesn't automatically return to your main account. You need to take an additional step to withdraw it.

Legacy Keystore Wallets:

If you're using a legacy Keystore Solflare wallet and encountering difficulties with undelegation, contacting Solflare support is recommended for further assistance.

Additional Tips:

  • Monitor Epochs: Keep track of current and upcoming epochs to plan your undelegation process accordingly.

By understanding the undelegation process and following these troubleshooting tips, you can effectively manage your staked SOL on Solflare and avoid common pitfalls.

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