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How to Natively Stake SOL on Solflare (Desktop)
How to Natively Stake SOL on Solflare (Desktop)

Earn rewards on your SOL tokens by staking them with Solflare

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This guide will show you how to natively stake from a funded Solflare wallet. There are two different ways you can stake SOL – liquid staking, and natively staking. Natively refers to traditional staking.

This guide will show you how to natively stake your SOL.

If you want to know how to liquid stake your SOL, which is a bit more advanced, check out this guide that shows you how to do that using Marinade.

Step 1

  • From there, click Access Wallet.

Step 2

  • Click on the Staking tab on the top of the page.

You’ll by default be taken to the Liquid SOL Staking tab.

To continue natively staking SOL, Click the Native SOL Staking tab

Step 3

  • Click Start Staking.

  • Decide how much you want to stake.

  • Choose which validator you would like to stake with.

Staking Notes:

  • This guide delegates your SOL to a validator. The validator then adds your stake to its pool of SOL and this process can take up to 3 epochs which translates to roughly 6 days. Your rewards won’t start accruing until the moment your SOL is added to a validator's stake pool.

  • The more spread out staked SOL is, the more decentralized the Solana network is.

  • It’s important to choose a validator that incorporates an acceptable fee (around 10%) and delegate accordingly.

  • A 5% fee is fair so delegating to this validator makes sense.

  • Click Stake when you’re ready.

  • Click Confirm.

You’re all set.

Your end of the staking process is now finalized but it may take 45 minutes or so for the staking balance to appear in your account.

Note: Delegated SOL is not immediately effective. Depending on network activity, there may be a 2+ day delay before your delegated SOL is earning rewards.

You’re still able to undelegate during this timeframe.

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