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How to Unstake Natively Staked SOL on Solflare (Desktop)
How to Unstake Natively Staked SOL on Solflare (Desktop)
Undelegate your stake accounts and claim your SOL rewards.
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Step 1

  • Go to your Stake Accounts on the Staking tab.

  • Make sure you select the Native Staking tab which is to the right of the Liquid Staking tab.

  • Click on the Unstaking tab next to Sol Staking.

Step 2

  • Click on the stake account you want to unstake from.

  • Click Undelegate.

  • Click Confirm.

Step 3

Once you’ve finished Step 2, you’ll have to wait until your SOL is unstaked before you can withdraw it. Unstaking SOL can take up to 3 epochs which translates to roughly 6 days. It will usually not take this long but the Withdraw All and Close Account button will not appear until your SOL is unstaked.

You could choose to redelegate your SOL at this point, split it between validators, withdraw some of it, or withdraw all of it while closing your account.

  • For the purpose of this guide, click Close Account.

  • Click Withdraw All and Close Account.

  • Click Confirm.

Once you withdraw and close your stake account, you are refunded the rent fee of approximately 0.002 SOL back to your main account balance.

That's it!

You’ll get a notification when the undelegated SOL is back in your wallet.

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