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How to Export Your Private Key on Solflare (Mobile)
How to Export Your Private Key on Solflare (Mobile)
There are times you will want to export your private key and this guide shows you how to do just that.
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Step 1

  • Open the Solflare app and click the settings button ⚙️ on the bottom right.

Step 2

  • Click on your account at the top of the screen, make sure the desired account is selected, and click EDIT.

Step 3

  • Click the Settings ⚙️ symbol:

Step 4

  • Press "Export Private Key":

  • Make sure no one is looking and click SHOW.

  • Manually write or import the key into your desired location.


Although a Recovery Phrase can access multiple wallets, it is done so by accessing the private keys of these wallets. So when you export a private key, it is only for the current account that you are logged into. You can change which account you're logged into from the Accounts screen from Step 2.

Nicely Done

Most people in the world don't even know what a private key is. Well you just exported one!

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