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How to Connect Your Funded Ledger Device to Solflare (Desktop)
How to Connect Your Funded Ledger Device to Solflare (Desktop)
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This guide shows you how to connect a funded Ledger account to your Solflare wallet. It assumes you already have a wallet setup on a Ledger device and there is a SOL balance on at least one account.

If you haven’t done that yet, you can set up a new wallet using the Ledger Live app by following the steps of this guide.

Step 1

  • Connect your Ledger to your computer via USB

Step 2

  • Enter your PIN code and select the Solana application

You’ll see Application is ready appear on the scree

Step 3

Access your Solflare Wallet

Go to the Solflare’s website and click on Access Wallet.

Step 4

  • Select Continue with Ledger.

Step 5

  • Open the Solana app and click Continue when ready.

Make sure the Solana app is still open on the device.

Step 6

Your browser will notify you that a device is attempting to connect to

  • Click on the Device you want to connect and click Connect.

Step 7

  • Set a passcode for your wallet.

Solflare will begin fetching accounts from Ledger.

Step 8

  • Select a derivation path with SOL in it and click Continue.

You're all set!

You’ve successfully connected and learned how to access your Ledger device using Solflare!

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