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How To Get Started With Solflare
How To Get Started With Solflare

Lets get your wallet setup

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Solflare is a next generation non-custodial wallet that enables universal access to the Solana blockchain and its associated applications.

Along with a robust web wallet and browser extension, Solflare offers a mobile app for both iOS and Android that includes an in-app browser, in-app staking and swapping capabilities, blockchain notifications, Solana Pay compatibility, 60 frames per second refresh rates for NFTs, and more.

Generating New Wallets

Generating a Solflare wallet can be done in a couple of easy steps. You can make one with our mobile app or our desktop app. The options for generating them are either with a mnemonic / recovery phrase or a Ledger Hardware Wallet.

Below are links for each method of how to generate your wallet.

How to Generate a Wallet with a Recovery Phrase

How to Connect Your Funded Ledger Device to Solflare

Importing Existing Wallets

  1. Upload a Keystore File (Legacy Users Only).

  2. Access Solana wallets created elsewhere.

Type in the mnemonic of any SPL compatible wallet into Solflare's login page and access your assets from a friendly user interface with powerful features.

Welcome to Solflare!

Once your wallet is all setup, head on over to Solflare's Knowledge Base for informative articles, guides, and FAQ.

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